We are sorry to inform you that the Workshop has been postponed because of the Covid-19 Emergency.

We will announce the new dates as soon as possible

Latest Advances in X-ray Spectroscopy and Polarimetry

"The 1st Mondragone Frontiers of Astronomy Series” is the first of a series of international workshops on astronomy and astrophysics to be held at the beautiful location of Villa Mondragone (Monte Porzio Catone, Rome, Italy) on May 20-22 2020.

The topic of this workshop is the discussion of the “Latest Advances in X-ray Spectroscopy and Polarimetry” related to the upcoming launch of X-ray observatories, such as XRISM, IXPE and Athena, and future proposed missions, such as Lynx and eXTP. These new X-ray missions will enable us to achieve fundamental scientific progresses and discoveries in a wide variety of physical and astrophysical topics, from Galactic black holes and neutron stars to quasars and galaxy clusters, from plasma physics to tests of general relativity, from stellar to galaxy evolution, just to name a few.